27 year old blind surfer, Derek Rabelo is one of the most inspiring young sportsmen alive today.

With an appetite for big wave surfing, Derek seeks to pursue his dreams and overcome obstacles that appear in his way. Walking by faith and not by site, Derek has travelled to more than 16 countries across the world inspiring a generation to believe in their dreams and defeat the seemingly impossible .

Derek’s story begins in the small beautiful city of Guarapari, Brazil, where his father prayed that his son would become a professional surfer. On May 25th 1992, his prayer seemed unanswered when Derek was born with congenital glaucoma, a condition that left him 100% blind. 

After Seventeen years listening to the sound of the waves crash along his hometown, Derek developed his own dream to surf the famous Pipeline break on the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Documented in the feature length film Beyond Site, Derek embarked on a three-year journey of mental and physical training, to accomplish his dream, and fuel the fire to surf bigger waves.

Since then Derek has gone on to share his story with thousands of people around the world. Speaking at high schools, businesses, corporate events, sporting groups, community and youth organisations, and juvenile detention centres. 

Through humour and humility Derek inspires and challenges his audience to chase their dreams despite the odds, push their limits to overcome fear, find happiness in themselves and to set personal goals that they could never imagine possible. 

Now onto his next project, Derek has to learn new techniques and skills as he takes on some of the world's biggest surf breaks in Portugal, Hawaii and Fiji. With a specialist team of big wave experts to guide him and capture the story for his next feature film, Derek’s personal limits and faith will be tested even further. 

Derek is based in Brazil, but in-between shooting, he frequently travels to speak to audiences across the world. If you would like to invite Derek to speak at your event or organisation please enquire here


Thank you to my sponsors and partners for their continued belief in my dreams.
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